International ocean freight Africa : Shipment and Handling of rolling stock from Bata to Tema

Shipment and Handling of rolling stock from Bata to Tema

Creative, dynamic and daring, BV SHIPPING understands better your business needs.

It helps you in your shipping projects (oil industry, heavy machineryinternational and national road freight).

So it ensures for a customer the handling of rolling stock for shipment from Bata to Tema

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Loader Transport Guinea
BV Shipping made most of the inter-africa demobilization of equipments and containers for a Construction Company of Brazil in West Africa in 2015 and before . This Company is main[...]
Shipment Flat Rack Container from Pointe Noire
In 2016, BV SHIPPING is working with the second Largest construction Company in Brazil on the mobilisation and demobilisation of equipments and containers in AFRICA.
Crane Transport Benin
BV SHIPPING offered the best transportation service of the equipments for one of the largest French Group from Niger to Saint Petersburg via Cotonou
Camion Sterling Cotonou Abidjan
BV Shipping is loading on regular basis trucks & equipments within African countries for other major Freight Forwarders .